Learning Python

I’ve gone through a few phases of trying to learn a programming language. Usually I get about a week in and give up or lose interest, mostly due to limited time. I’ve decided on Python because I see a use case that I can put into practice immediately rather that just trying to learn a language because I want to. I’d like to learn Python to see what is possible in real action to automation in iOS.

I like what I can do with Workflow but would like to dive in a little deeper. I love working on the iPad Pro but there are some things that is just easier on a computer. I’d like to find out if I can make some of my more complicated tasks easier on iOS.

To start I’m working through SoloLearn and I’ve start Introduction to Computing using Python on edX. My hope is that I will build a good foundation with these two courses and then be able to dive a little deeper when finished.

My plan is to post my progress here as well as using this blog to work through problems that I may run into while I’m learning. Hopefully at some point I’ll get to a point where I’ll be able to post interesting projects I’m working on.