My Evolving Workflow

As I’m new to Github, Github Pages, Git, etc. I’m still trying to get my head around workflow(s) that will work for me. There are many ways to manage a site hosted with Github Pages and I think that’s really what attracted me to the platform.

As I’m writing this, I’m trying out something that I think will give me flexibility and ease of use. After reading a few articles on MacStories, I’ve decided to try out the combination of IA Writer and Working Copy on iOS. While I started this journey on Linux and will still be using that platform, I really love using the iPad Pro as my everyday carry platform. My main computer is a 15” MSI laptop that can be a bit large to carry around.


One thing that I enjoy about writing a blog host on Github Pages is the flexibility it gives you once setup. After getting Jekyll setup on Github everything just worked and having different ways of posting makes it very appealing. Also, I like the default, simple layout used in Jekyll but if I want something more customized in the future then I can do that too.

I’m also hoping that this process will get me back in the habit of carrying and using my iPad daily for everyday tasks that do not require the power of my computer.