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360 Cams and Virtual Tours

For the last few weeks I’ve been playing with a Samsung 360 cam, I love the possibilities and I’m already wondering what can be done with an upgraded camera. So far most of what I’ve done has just been playing around with the camera and seeing what it can do but I’ve put together a […]

Learning Python

I’ve gone through a few phases of trying to learn a programming language. Usually I get about a week in and give up or lose interest, mostly due to limited time. I’ve decided on Python because I see a use case that I can put into practice immediately rather that just trying to learn a […]

First Few Day with the Apple Watch 3

For Christmas I was lucky to receive a new Apple Watch. I’ve wanted to get one since they first came out but never got around to it. I’m glad I’ve waited, after reading many reviews comparing previous models to the 3 I’m glad to have the 3. After just a few days I’m still playing […]

iPad Pro Productivity

As I’ve begun using the iPad Pro more for work related activities I’m realizing that there isn’t anything that I do during the day that can’t be accomplished as easy on the iPad as on my MacBook Pro. Granted I do find something easier on the MacBook but I think that’s most due to its […]

Enjoy Writing Again with iPad Pro

I’ve gone though many blog phases, times when I want to write a daily blog but most of the time I end up losing interest after a short while. That seems to have changed with the iPad Pro. There is something about writing with the iPad that makes the act of writing very enjoyable. I’ve […]