iPad Pro Productivity

As I’ve begun using the iPad Pro more for work related activities I’m realizing that there isn’t anything that I do during the day that can’t be accomplished as easy on the iPad as on my MacBook Pro. Granted I do find something easier on the MacBook but I think that’s most due to its screen real estate and my comfort with the platform but I’m finding that as I work more on the iPad I finding little tricks or shortcuts that are really speeding up my workflow.

I think one of the sticking points has been knowing what apps I need to use in certain situations. Because I’ve worked on a Mac for so long I have built workflows over time for various tasks and I feel like I’m getting there on iOS but it will take some time. Best of all its fun to research different apps to see what works best for me but sometimes that gets in the way of real work so I move back to the laptop to get certain things done and then move back to the iPad.

As I’ve said before, for whatever reason I really do like writing on the iPad in Ulysses. Even though I have Ulysses on my Mac I’ve enjoyed the iOS version more. Best of all, I do like typing on the magic keyboard. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like it based on the mixed reviews I’d read but I like it. The size of the keyboard has taken a little getting used to but after about a week I could pretty much match my typing speed on the MacBook keyboard.

I’m going to continue to try and fit the iPad Pro into more areas of my workflow. If I can fill in some of the gaps I’ve found so far I’ll be able to leave the Mac at home carry a lot less weight around all day.

Enjoy Writing Again with iPad Pro

I’ve gone though many blog phases, times when I want to write a daily blog but most of the time I end up losing interest after a short while.

That seems to have changed with the iPad Pro. There is something about writing with the iPad that makes the act of writing very enjoyable. I’ve been a Mac user for a long time and there are many things that I do daily for work that is still easier on my Mac but the act of writing is just way better for me on the iPad.

I’ve been trying out Ulysses from the past few days, for work notes and general journal type entries and I love the experience. The best part is that for blogging the combo of iPad, Ulysses, and WordPress is real nice.